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In Indianapolis, police said a 54-year-old accidentally shot himself in the hand while loading his semi-automatic pistol.
In June 2000 a royal protection officer accidentally fired two shots on the royal train while the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were on board.
The average age of the officers who died accidentally in 2012 was 39 years.
She said: "I dropped my phone down the side of the car and when I reached over to get it I accidentally knocked the brake off.
The Scottish Government said they were wary of criminalising parents of older children accidentally seeing porn.
The lethal scorpions were believed accidentally shipped in from Morocco when shooting of the film relocated to Britain.
The boy's grandfather has said that Rashid was accidentally shot by his five-year-old sister as they played with their father.
A Tyne and Wear Fire spokesperson said: "We were called to the address when hydrogen peroxide was accidentally mixed with cleaning powder, releasing a toxic vapour.
Fourteen people including two Buddhist monks were injured, one critically, when a hand grenade accidentally exploded Tuesday at an exhibition of government activities at a convention center in Colombo.
If the coupling button points in, your mask Could accidentally bump it and cause the button to release.
In ``Man of the Year,'' a political comedian, disgusted with politicians controlled by special interests and corporate money, decides to run for president -- and accidentally wins.
Gerard Doyle's background as a Shakespearian actor lends drama to his reading about a cutpurse and gentleman, set in 1763 and telling of two 20th century children who are accidentally sent back in time.