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The shooting occurred in Burkesville, Kentucky, when the youngster was playing with the 22-caliber rifle and accidently shot his sister in the chest.
Sabawoon told Pajhwok the four were making bombs inside a house when one of the devices detonated accidently.
The poll of 3,000 Brits by Canned Food UK revealed we are most likely to lose our cash by accidently dropping it, but 11 per cent admitted their money vanished because they were too drunk to remember where they had put it.
He states that most people are unaware that they can go off accidently or be used to commit suicide.
We protect data from being accidently erased from the MSD by placing the folders in a master folder.
A MINISTER yesterday told of a community in shock after a baby boy was killed when his mother accidently reversed her car over his carrycot.
The patient had lost 95% of the use of his trachea when physicians accidently damaged it by inserting a tube to allow him to breathe during surgery for a brain hemorrhage.
In addition, an overpressure system has been installed at the dairy to improve security through the prevention of unpasteurised product becoming accidently mixed into the pasteurized stream.
Each scene always will contain traceable evidence of the timber's being taken, such as tire tracks, occasional paint transfers, stumps, and various other items that the thief may have purposely discarded or accidently left behind.
Dick had accidently set the boat's festive streamers on fire, and a monster traghetto was heading right for us.
In 1966, there was a foiled plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty, while a few years later, a home on 11th Street was blown up accidently by the radical Weathermen, who were bomb building for the underground network.
AIDS can strike anyone, rich, poor, young, old and many times, through no fault of their own, people accidently contract AIDS -- for example from tainted blood, needlesticks, etc.