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KEY WORDS: Homarus americanus, stage IV larvae, behavior, temperature, acclimation
Conversely, if compliance is poor during the initial period of acclimation, the likelihood of long-term compliance decreases dramatically.
Possibly, if exercise consisted of repeated running sprints performed in the field during summer (with direct solar radiation), higher levels of heat strain might be produced, raising the potential for precooling to have a beneficial effect on exercise performance, despite heat acclimatisation or acclimation being in place.
Construct Carlton acclimation facility, Grant County; apparent low bidder was Strider Construction Co.
To the women of Hawaii, it has meant a total disruption of home life, a sudden acclimation to blackout nights, terrifying rumors, fear of the unknown as planes drone overhead and lorries shriek through the streets," she started.
During the meeting, Rashad bin Mohammed al-Zubair was nominated by acclimation as a Chairman of the Board of the Association, which is currently being restructured to play a pioneering role in promoting ties of friendship and supporting the Sultanate's relations with the Federal Republic of Germany in the economic, trade, cultural fields and other areas Sayyid Tariq expressed his hope to speeding up the formation of the Association's Board during the upcoming period due to the importance of its role in strengthening the cultural, social and scientific communication between the two friendly countries and peoples, in addition to the advantage of the local private sector as it will benefit from the German experience in various spheres.
Even late arrivals must go through the NCAA-mandated acclimation period, which calls for two practices with only a helmet, two with a helmet and shoulder pads and then finally full pads, which for Lyerla would come Saturday.
Not all respondents said a worker's sense of humor is essential to cultural acclimation and workplace success--only 22 percent described it as "very important" in fitting into the corporate culture.
TOKYO - Eighteen Myanmar refugees consisting of four families, who arrived in Japan from a camp in Thailand last year, completed a language and cultural acclimation program Friday and expressed hope for a new life in Japan.
To begin understanding thermal requirements of captive Devils River minnows, we determined critical thermal maxima at different temperatures of acclimation.
The volume opens with overview chapters on dehydration tolerance, salinity tolerance, cold stress acclimation, redox-dependent regulation and oxidative damage in plants subjected to abiotic stress, array platforms and bioinformatic tools for the analysis of plant transcriptome in response to stress, and metabolic engineering of glyoxalase pathways for enhancing stress tolerance in plants.
A determination of habitual residence must focus on the child's acclimation and settled purpose.