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Here,' says the boatswain to him that was a-writing, 'is the gentlewoman that the captain spoke to you of'; and turning to me, he said, 'I have been so far from forgetting your business, that I have been up at the captain's house, and have represented faithfully to the captain what you said, relating to you being furnished with better conveniences for yourself and your husband; and the captain has sent this gentleman, who is made of the ship, down with me, on purpose to show you everything, and to accommodate you fully to your content, and bid me assure you that you shall not be treated like what you were at first expected to be, but with the same respect as other passengers are treated.
When my mother removes into another house my services shall be readily given to accommodate her as far as I can.
There they are, down there every night at eight bells, praying for fair winds--when they know as well as I do that this is the only ship going east this time of the year, but there's a thousand coming west--what's a fair wind for us is a head wind to them--the Almighty's blowing a fair wind for a thousand vessels, and this tribe wants him to turn it clear around so as to accommodate one--and she a steamship at that
But a man is not often found sufficiently circumspect to know how to accommodate himself to the change, both because he cannot deviate from what nature inclines him to do, and also because, having always prospered by acting in one way, he cannot be persuaded that it is well to leave it; and, therefore, the cautious man, when it is time to turn adventurous, does not know how to do it, hence he is ruined; but had he changed his conduct with the times fortune would not have changed.
Buttonwood (sites #1-48)--sites can accommodate large RVs to pop-up campers to small tents
The capacity of Satwa bus station is estimated at 625 passengers per hour, and boarding and alighting area will accommodate 10 buses at a time.
2 : to provide with something needed : help out <My teacher will change her schedule to accommodate her students.
Standard flange-mounted supports accommodate 3- to 50-mm shaft diameters, and inlay flange-mounted supports accommodate 8- to 30-mm shaft diameters, while dowel hole flange-mounted supports accommodate 12-to 30-mm shaft diameters.
In an effort to accommodate smaller space users ranging in size from 1,700-2,500 square feet, Merritt 7 developed an enormously successful small tenant marketing program that included the construction of pre-built units.
For instance, many practices are overstaffed to accommodate exam room configurations that require two nurses or medical assistants when one would do.