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A little shop, quite crammed and choked with the abundance of its stock; a perfectly voracious little shop, with a maw as accommodating and full as any shark's.
It wouldn't allow itself to be adjusted on the top bar; it wouldn't hear of accommodating itself kindly to the knobs of coal; it WOULD lean forward with a drunken air, and dribble, a very Idiot of a kettle, on the hearth.
Here too was the accommodating individual who advanced sums from ten to ten thousand pounds without expense, security, or delay.
I first opened the door, and then, by way of accommodating him, gave the chair a good push behind with my stick instead of my hand, and so sent it and him safely and swiftly out of the room.
Mr Squeers then proceeded to open a miscellaneous collection of letters; some enclosing money, which Mrs Squeers 'took care of;' and others referring to small articles of apparel, as caps and so forth, all of which the same lady stated to be too large, or too small, and calculated for nobody but young Squeers, who would appear indeed to have had most accommodating limbs, since everything that came into the school fitted him to a nicety.
You wanted to go to sea, but he jumped at the chance of accommodating your desire with a vengeance.
Like thousands of more enlightened beings, who fancy they are able to go through the trials of human existence without any other support than their own resolutions, his morals were accommodating and his motive selfish.
The whole structure is not yet finished, but it is already one of considerable size and extent, and is capable of accommodating a very large number of patients.
Tenant retention is a top priority at Merritt 7 and we are committed to accommodating each specific requirement.
Still, recruiting and accommodating faculty and staff members with disabilities has its challenges, the most obvious one being money.
Riter, the appellate panel concluded that Congress could create a law accommodating religion without violating the separation of church and state.
Anson (1997) further clarified transparency as software programs that operate so intuitively that the user can concentrate on tasks at hand rather than be concerned with accommodating functions.