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Then there are the accommodators represented by Joe Strange, formerly of the U.
Finally, both the Accommodator and the Converger groups presented the characteristic of Doing, meaning that the transition among various statuses appeared on the message transfer chart, which presented the active interaction among peers and fewer occurrences of C5 ("Irrelevant response").
Gholizadeh and Ahqar [7] stated that the students with the diverger learning styles had significantly higher selfefficacy ratio than the students' with the converger, assimilator, and accommodator learning styles.
More recent studies indicate Diverger or Accommodator as the predominant styles among nursing students (Cavanagh, Hogan, & Ramgopal, 1995; Hauer, Straub, & Wolf, 2005; Rawaf, 2007; Suliman, 2010; Yoder, 1994).
Accommodator - this type of learner learns best through hands-on experimentation.
If you know you're an accommodator, you'll have to spend time beforehand thinking about your needs;' said White.
He instructs the accommodator to purchase the property with the $500,000 from the sale of his apartment building.
Since evaluating individual differences in learning styles was a core objective of the current study, we compared percentages of converger, assimilator, accommodator and diverger styles according to school, gender and academic performance.
The accommodator often knows when to give in to others, but can be persuaded to surrender a position even when it is not warranted.
Kolb (1984) identified four learning styles; namely, diverger, assimilator, converger, and accommodator.
An accommodator will have a high focus on the relationship and a low focus on the issue; a compromiser, a midlevel focus on the relationship and a mid-level focus on the issue; and a collaborator, a high focus on both the issue and relationship.
Both Myers-Briggs and Kolb relied heavily on the foundational personality research done by Carl Jung, so it is disconcerting to me that I test out in Kolb's Inventory as a Doing/Feeling Accommodator instead of the Doing/Thinking Converger, which would be more in line with my ENTJ Myer-Briggs personality.