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2, 2015, change of reporting official EPRs for senior airmen and below will no longer be accomplished.
and pride yourself on what you have accomplished so far.
Measurements, goals, and objectives can be put in place to ensure the highest quality deliverable is accomplished with this commitment in place.
We measure what Einstein accomplished from its humble beginning against what it can accomplish with its current resources and we are very bullish.
But I would disagree with their premise that there was no demand from policymakers and the public for a means to pay accomplished teachers more than ordinary teachers.
I figured this wouldn't be accomplished, but I thought responsible management of our federal budget was of enormous importance, an issue the AICPA should speak on, and I wanted to at least keep it in the public spotlight so at some time in the future it could be done.
In fact, the mission may not get accomplished at all.
Ashcroft has accomplished this, it is a good decision.
Jump ahead to our own times and note that the European Union, deceitfully paraded before its unsuspecting victims as a mere association of nations for the purpose of spurring trade, has accomplished several huge steps toward these goals.
Parent participation and community support are good, but [learning] can be accomplished without it.
In an effort to create a real discussion, the leaders began without introductory comments: Virginia Marks asked attendees to define the accomplished learner.