accomplished fact

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Our hopes and the world's hopes match as we celebrate - not the accomplished fact of peace but a tone that makes peace at least possible.
While ''receiving economic cooperation and buying time'' through the conciliatory gestures, North Korea is trying to ''make the possession of nuclear arms an accomplished fact,'' he said.
However, the formulation of this policy should not be dictated by the accomplished fact imposed by Tehran or Tel Aviv, especially in light of the signs pointing towards an international acceptance of a 'peaceful' nuclear Iran.
That hasn't stopped a number of writers describing them in terms that make them sound like an accomplished fact, presumably cheering up anyone with shares in Lycra but very few others.
Our company has a reputation for taking an impossible idea and making it an accomplished fact.
I breathe easier since the renewal is accomplished fact.
It's an accomplished fact, and we can probably do nothing about it.
When darkness fell on the 8th of August over the battlefield of the Second Army, the heaviest defeat suffered by the German Army since the beginning of the war had become an accomplished fact," was the verdict of the German Official report titled "The Catastrophe of August 8, 1918.
The Everton connec-tion: Sir John Moores, a former Everton chairman, got the reluctant Sir Desmond onto the board (on which he served between 1988 and 1998) -without his knowledge: ``He presented it to me as an accomplished fact .
As an accomplished fact it is allowable, but as something still to be done it is not.
Micklethwait and Woolridge perform a valuable service by making clear that globalization, far from an accomplished fact, is a process only just getting under way.
In schools like those in Managua, Rio Piedras, and Mexico, where this is an accomplished fact, the contribution of Baptists has been significant.