accomplished practitioner

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He was laid on his back; he was laid on his stomach; he was respectfully pounded and kneaded, from head to foot, by the knuckles of accomplished practitioners.
Lindsay's articles are remarkable in their scholarship, in so far as he examines the material from two points of view--that of an accomplished practitioner with years of experience in hypnotherapeutic technique, as well as that of an historian.
The standards represent a new vision from the field: The teaching profession is mapping the front end of a coherent continuum from the initial exploratory phase to entry into the profession to becoming an accomplished practitioner.
Wayne is an accomplished practitioner and strategic thinker with a keen focus on driving sophisticated integrated programming for clients, said Sara Gavin, president of North America, Weber Shandwick.
He has also been an accomplished practitioner, working on more than 200 National Register buildings and dozens of others in his career of more than 30 years.
Each of the individuals is a recognized and accomplished practitioner and we are fortunate to have gained their participation in our future," said Hawkins.
Professional learning that focuses on becoming an accomplished practitioner as part of an ongoing professional learning experience rather than a process of detailing deficiencies is to be applauded.
is extraordinarily good: quixotic, magnetic, and unimprovable" and "that Sillitoe can lay claim to being the most accomplished practitioner of [the] genre of the last fifty years" may quite intentionally provoke much-needed debate about, and reappraisal of, Sillitoe's literary standing.
He is also an accomplished practitioner of the literary genre of undertaking a weird project and writing a book about it.
Marcia Kupfer is an accomplished practitioner of this methodology, as she demonstrates in this interesting book on a picture program (ca.
The Sweet Fuels" is a compilation of Canadian poet Erin Knight's free verse poetry and serves admirably to introduce an appreciative readership to an accomplished practitioner of poetry.
Flagstone Securities announced that Steven DeLaney, an accomplished practitioner with nearly 30 years of securities and banking industry expertise, has joined the firm's Atlanta, Georgia office as a managing director and senior research analyst.