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What others effect by talent or by eloquence, this man accomplishes by some magnetism.
If it properly accomplishes this main purpose, when the reader finishes it he should feel that his understanding of life and of people has been increased and broadened.
The Destroyer and the Builder are two manifestations of Will; the one prepares the way, and the other accomplishes the work; the first appears in the guise of a spirit of evil, and the second seems like the spirit of good.
With no pounding musical score, no passenger subplots, and no mention of al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, the "war on terror," or a "let's roll" trumpet charge, the film accomplishes something I didn't think was possible--a 9/11 story devoid of spin.
The subtle influences that an effective marketing campaign accomplishes includes:
Even if you have the right idea and the right direction, you must adapt to the way the organization accomplishes things, at least initially, even if it's not the most effective way.