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One of the primary objectives of the Accord Wagon development team was to reduce the price gap between the Wagon and Sedan.
Our customers have been looking for a fully functional, easy to use, and cost-effective mobile dispatch capability for a long time," said Kirk Dickson Director of Business Development at Accord Software.
Ultimately, the success of Accord will depend on its taste and convenience,'' said Martin Feldman, a tobacco analyst for Smith Barney.
This is the first time the Accord has received the Motor Trend Import Car of the Year award.
Features a detailed overview of the revised Accord that highlights its major changes and includes comprehensive insight and guidance that advises on the Basel Accord's three component pillars: Minimum Capital Requirement, Supervisory Review Process and Market Discipline
This is the first time the popular Honda Accord has won the coveted award.
The latest version of Accord SDK delivers the flexibility to let researchers design and build their own chemical applications, and responds to the demand for open standards and high quality chemistry," said Dr.
Pricing for the 1994 Accord Coupe has increased only 1.
Eugene Rim, chief executive officer and managing director of Accord Express.
Pricing on the 1994 Accord Sedan line has increased only 1.
made Accord represents three major factors in Honda's growth in America: 1) the development of the Accord, 2) the pioneering decision to produce it in America and 3) the Accord's evolution into America's best-selling car.