accordance with law

See: legality
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The Air Force failed to make a proper and reasonable contract award in accordance with law and regulation,'' CSC said in a statement.
5% for marketing and promotion of Antigua & Barbuda, in accordance with law.
based organization, the Foundation on Economic Trends,have charged that the EPA's issuance of the experimental use permit is "arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, and otherwise not in accordance with law.
Mavent's service is unique as it combines an up-to-date, proprietary database with the legal rules to ensure a loan is made in accordance with law.
Bidders ranging from small and medium enterprises benefit from a 50% reduction in the amount of participation guarantee, in accordance with Law no.
Leader of the Opposition Aitizaz Ahsan said the matter is subjudice hence the passage of resolution will not be in accordance with law and rules of the House.
They form the second patch of the funds that applied for licences to adjust their status in accordance with law 7/2010 and its executive bylaw on the foundation of the Authority, the CMA said in a statement.
1/2t prevent federal and provincial governments to allot or lease out land for a project in public interest and in accordance with law and the relevant rules.
Haroon Rahid, in his petition, mentioned an order of Supreme Court dated October 2, 2007 in which it was stated by IG Police that after recording the statements of all the concerned, the police would proceed in the matter strictly in accordance with law, reports The Nation.
The statement included the literal text of the article that defines the PM's powers in accordance with law number 140 which General Aoun referred to.
He said the freedom of practising religion is for all with no discrimination in accordance with law and traditions, highlighting the need to continue co-ordinating with the Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry.
Kurmanbek Bakiev is not President of Kyrgyzstan anymore in accordance with law norms, Roza Otunbaeva told reporters in her comments on statement made by Bakiev today saying that he remains to be legitimate president.