account debtor

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SFD has recently signed a contract with National Bank of Egypt (NBE) estimated at EGP300 million by finance from World Bank in order to finance the current account debtor.
326) In CIMC, an account debtor (327) paid funds to a collateral agent for senior secured parties.
The English priority rule is that, as between two charges registered within twenty-one days of their respective dates of creation, priority goes to the creditor who is first to notify the account debtor of its charge, regardless of the order in which the charges were created or registered.
The code provides that unless an account debtor has made an enforceable agreement not to assert defenses or claims, the rights of an assignee are subject to all the terms of the agreement between the account debtor and assignor and any defense or claim in recoupment arising from the transaction that gave rise to the contract, and any other defense or claim of the account debtor against the assignor which accrues before the account debtor receives notification of the assignment authenticated by the assignor or the assignee.
Due to the credit worthiness of its account debtor (the customer buying the manufacturer's drill bits), $1 million in receivable financing was authorized.
Having a higher percentage of importing clients than any other commercial finance company, Wells Fargo Century has processes such as electronic letter of credit software, and even the issuance of letters of credit over the Internet, which expedites turnaround times and simplifies the workload; -- Outsourcing of Accounts Receivable: Wells Fargo Century analyzes account debtor risk, provides credit protection, collection services, and information reporting.
In addition, other special services include debtor credit investigation, noticing account debtors, boarding verifications and collateral testing, debtor contact verification, testing, and confirmation, remittance review and third party verification and monitoring.
Nonprime at 12/31/96 included $536m to remove an invoice included in the 12/31 aging that was originally billed and credited in December `96 and rebilled in January `97, $31m in accounts 90 days past due, and a $101m concentration reserve for account debtors in excess of a 25% concentration reserve.
Because most account debtors in the Corporate Auctions program are large multinational companies with significant public equity capitalization or public debt, Buyers on the Exchange will find underwriting and bidding a seamless and efficient process.
Account debtors can pay invoices by credit card by dialing PRN Funding's toll-free number, 866-776-5407, and providing some brief payment information.
The company's credit summary shows that more than 50% of trading volume comes from account debtors with publicly rated debt, of which more than 94% is investment grade.
In addition, the Company serves as a discount factor for companies that do not qualify for typical asset-based lending or traditional factoring arrangements but have receivables from qualified account debtors and have demonstrated integrity in their business practices and products.