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Yet they often have reasons to submit to accountability mechanisms.
But while many seem to be running around screaming that the accountability sky is falling, please forgive me if I'm still not sure what crisis we're moving to address.
Warren suggests that it would be difficult to impose uniform accountability measures on colleges and universities because there are so many different types of post-secondary institutions.
The year of accountability may not have been 2004, but there's good reason to believe it will be 2005.
Accountability Large-scale assessments are closely linked to accountability.
The report reaffirms the need for the Department to strengthen financial accountability requirements over $54 million provided annually to external service providers from the Child Protection and Support Services Section and the Community Living Division of the Department.
GE requires clear accountability for talent development.
But at the corporate level, there is more than accountability.
The legislation was in large part a response to the issues of accountability raised by the Enron and Arthur Andersen investigations and Will most directly impact the accounting industry, publicly traded companies, and investment banking firms.
Outcome accountability and reporting should be required of the next generation of health organizations, although we've learned from cardiac surgery reporting in New York and elsewhere that organizational accountability has too little influence on consumer choices and market share, but does affect the behavior of doctors and hospitals.
Using the Socratic method, Behn takes the reader on a journey exploring accountability's meaning, opportunities, and barriers underlying accountability approaches, and institutional changes necessary for effective performance accountability.
Fiscal accountability is the need for governments to justify that their actions complied with public decisions.

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