accounts outstanding

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67 million full interest-only and part capital repayment mortgage accounts outstanding in the UK.
Similarly, the number of accounts outstanding has more than doubled in the country.
Write off any balance due on accounts outstanding longer than the original statute of limitation date plus five years, absent other allowable extensions.
Additionally, if prompted, he was able to provide customer checks and remittances (drawn on shell company accounts) to further support the legitimacy of accounts outstanding at the end of the prior period.
Breen did play some football with the Leitrim club in New York while in the States but caught the eye in a club game last week when he was all accounts outstanding for Finuge.
Narrow though the margin of victory was, Valencia were by all accounts outstanding, a point that would have been all too apparent had Sky deigned to show any Spanish action this season.
Cardiff Magistrates' Court heard Jade Giles, 23, had 20 separate accounts outstanding, totalling pounds 1,090 and had paid only pounds 30.
There are still debtors' accounts outstanding but it is likely that creditors will suffer some losses.