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In addition, Article VI required each state to "always keep up a well-regulated and disciplined militia, sufficiently armed and accoutred.
Vanquished combatants are then stripped of their weapons and clothes, bound, and sacrificed in an elaborate ceremony presided over by richly accoutred officials, their blood presented to the central officiant.
By the end of World War II, the American correspondents who appeared in Tokyo were similarly attired and accoutred.
Many histories convey the impression that such voluntary forces sprang forth ex nihilo fully trained, uniformed and accoutred without the benefit of any regular military instructors or indeed any model upon which to base such a force.
They craned yearning across the chancel towards Plato and Aristotle and an answering academy of pagan philosophers accoutred like burgomasters and led by a burgravial Ptolemy wielding a wooden astrolabe.
Riding at noon and ninety years ago, my grandfather was beckoned by a ghost -- a black accoutred warrior armed for fighting, who sank into bare plain, as now into time past.
Similarly, one of the floor pieces, Fontana (Fountain), 2007, is an uneven rectangular sheet of thin lead, folded up at the sides, crimped at the corners, and filled with water; simply accoutred, less than three feet long, and suggesting something like a paper boat with the water inside instead of out, this was a wittily low-key addition to the grand and ancient tradition of the fountain.
sent his son, Walker Evans III, to Europe to study French literature in 1926, no American abroad felt properly accoutred without a camera.
couple; and, accoutred with twin Goldilocks braids heavier than bell
Then pages alsoe on horesbacke, liveries of red plush, thick laced with gold and silver lace up from the bottom even to the very capes of their cloakes; cloathes and cloakes so thick laid therwith that the ground was hardly to be discerned, the clothes lined with cloath of silver; in pretty truncke hose (such as men in old tyme and as Sir Thomas Gresham is made with on the Exchange); broad fitch belts and swords, costly plumes, choice beautiful youths, accoutred as before.