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But he maintains that geological events have triggered the changes by burying organic matter and allowing more oxygen to accumulate in the air.
These bacteria do not accumulate chlorofluorocarbons but probably break them down into carbon dioxide and chloride or fluoride salts, Lovley says.
The deductible IRA contribution usually will accumulate the most funds for retirement on an aftertax basis because the taxpayer needs to contribute only $1,340 of savings to the IRA, the rest ($660) comes from tax savings--deferral.
He focuses on beta amyloid, the primary protein that accumulates in Alzheimer brains.
In addition, the minor's trust permits income to escape the kiddie tax by allowing the trustee to accumulate more income at the trust's separate tax bracket, rather than have the income taxed at the potentially higher marginal rate of the parent.
Normally present in the spaces between cells, these cholesterol-carrying compounds can accumulate into larger deposits that may play a very early role in coronary artery disease -- appearing even before the telltale fatty streaks that often precede hardening of the arteries.
It is necessary to be able to accumulate information to determine responsibility for various functions in the preparation of income tax returns.
Not all parts of the atmosphere will warm as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases accumulate above Earth.
The proscribed actions are the forming or availing of a corporation for the purpose of tax avoidance by the shareholders or the shareholders of any other corporation by permitting the corporation's earnings and profits (E&P) to unreasonably accumulate rather than be distributed.
That's why bottom-feeding fish, such as carp, can accumulate relatively high levels.