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The Researcher looked round him once more: and now the Facts accumulated in such bewildering profusion, that the Theory was lost among them.
On receiving this united discharge of small-arms, the front of the flock darted upward, while, at the same instant, myriads of those in the rear rushed with amazing rapidity into their places, so that, when the column of white smoke gushed from the mouth of the little cannon, an accumulated mass of objects was gliding over its point of direction.
Gretchen's cheeks grow sunken, and she begins to wither; until at last, after some twenty years, their substance has multiplied, and sufficient gulden have been honourably and virtuously accumulated.
I have accumulated in my heart such a mass of despair and rage, that I, too, like yourself, need to revenge myself upon some one.
The very smallest amount of respect that we owe to my father's memory," the marquis continued, "makes us desire that he should not be held up to the world as the author of so--so infernal an attack upon the reputation of a wife whose only fault was that she had been submissive to accumulated injury.
Huneefa stirred in her sleep, and Hurree Babu jumped nervously to the copper incense-burner, all black and discoloured in morning- light, rubbed a finger in the accumulated lamp-black, and drew it diagonally across his face.
He would sacrifice human life, his own among the rest, or whatever else was dearest to him, for the sake of adding so much as a grain of mustard seed to the great heap of his accumulated knowledge.
I am not an easy enthusiast where women are concerned, but she was without doubt the most admirable find of his amongst all the priceless items he had accumulated in that house - the most admirable.
He described to her all the splendours accumulated for the setting-up of their housekeeping, but had never invited her to an inspection.
Martin had the most improved farm in the neighborhood; he was looked up to by everyone as one of the most intelligent men in the county, and his earnings were swelling, going into better stock and the surplus into mortgages which he accumulated with surprising rapidity.
Ere long the sand had accumulated in compact masses; and there, where so recently stretched a level plain as far as the eye could see, rose now a ridgy line of hillocks, still moving from beneath--the vast tomb of an entire caravan!
What good is territory to Germany, territory over which she must rule by force, struggling always against the accumulated hatred of years?