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LEGACY, ACCUMULATIVE. An accumulative legacy is a second bequest given by the same testator to the same legatee, whether it be of the same kind of thing, as money, or whether it be of different things, as, one hundred dollars, in one legacy, and a thousand dollars in another, or whether the sums are equal or whether the legacies are of a different nature. 2 Rop. Leg. 19.

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This way further chances of aggression and violence are increased which accumulatively produce a dysfunctional culture within the organization (Heames & Harvey, 2006).
Conversely, initial indications are that CEM personnel will be employed into specific work roles focused on a much narrower range but progressing to much deeper levels as part of a much larger team whose mission field accumulatively is much larger.
The event involved pupils running 1km and accumulatively covering the distance from Cardiff to Glasgow where the Commonwealth Games will take place later this year.
It's the same thing as turning off the sound when you're watching a scene or putting music and an image together so that you get accumulatively much more than you had before.
With the presentation of next year's budget looming, the SBP and the PTA accumulatively have shown about Rs150 billion less in earnings than what the finance ministry is targeting for the fiscal year 20132014.
Kros resumes: "The [Benetton-] campaign is a consequential advancement of observable social processes, which had been accumulatively described as a/the 'commercializing of communication', 'economization of politics', 'aestheticization society's overall concepts' and 'politization of economy' and thus accentuate the increasingly societal and cultural impact of advertisement" (Kros 1996: 107f).
19) Although individual resistance, Scott points out, may seem to be negligible, its impact could be forceful when 'considered accumulatively.
net has achieved rapid growth in the last year with the cutting edge tools and best practices we've accumulatively implemented, and we're excited to extend these tools and knowledge base to our partners.
In fact, in areas such as the promotion of racism by separatist funding, lavish tribal settlements and resettlements to the tune of hundreds of millions--and now accumulatively billions of dollars (and in Prime Minister John Key's foolish capitulation to the radical Maori Party's demands to fly its sovereignty flag alongside the New Zealand flag itself) the situation has worsened.
Accumulatively, these refunds now total approximately $8.
Giving his judgment in Denbigh yesterday employment judge John Hoult said that although there was no question that Mrs Simpson was competent at her job none of the issues raised by her, either individually or accumulatively, constituted breach of contract and justified her claim of constructive dismissal.
The value of ns_fail and ns_total are recorded accumulatively, and the mitigation rate is computed at the end of each time of simulation.