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LEGACY, ACCUMULATIVE. An accumulative legacy is a second bequest given by the same testator to the same legatee, whether it be of the same kind of thing, as money, or whether it be of different things, as, one hundred dollars, in one legacy, and a thousand dollars in another, or whether the sums are equal or whether the legacies are of a different nature. 2 Rop. Leg. 19.

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This year KWN is celebrating its 21st anniversary, and since the program began in 1989, more than 130,000 children have participated accumulatively, with around 10,000 children participating this year.
Accumulatively, total wheat requirement of wheat is 26.
In their planning and implementation of a teaching method, nurse educators should be aware that students arrive at meaning by actively selecting and accumulatively constructing their own knowledge through interaction, rather than by receiving and storing knowledge.
The figures showed that the morphology of HT was in the form of sheets and took on the layers accumulatively.
It was hard work because fetal alcohol kids don't learn accumulatively, so every day is like a new day," explained Mary.
Sole distributor of LG Air Conditioners, is the biggest partner for LG's business in the world and targeting to sell accumulatively US$ 1.
Another of their harebrained notions is that local grid networks would be more energy efficient - unfortunately as each network would have to produce its own amount of spare capacity, accumulatively it would require the UK to convert more energy, and finally large grid networks (which are known as an infinite grid) were created by a generation who realised that they were more stable, could produce a uniform frequency count every 24 hours and could maintain a unity power factor, in other words people who were a lot wiser than today's Tory advisers.
Matthew was written to be read and interpreted accumulatively and in sequential order.
It is the sort of behaviour which taken in accumulatively makes people feel unsafe.
Furthermore, it allows us to see how Hemingway looked backward to incorporate, accumulatively, earlier experiences that he transformed into art.
Whereas in fact the power that is available, but not used, before and after we boil our kettle is lost forever - which accumulatively amounts to 79 percent of the total power available to the grid each day.
Despite their large number of subscribers, and seeming omnipresence through Yahoo BB and the Yahoo Japan mega-portal, the company has in fact run at a loss for the past 4 quarters, accumulatively adding up to as much as 3500 oku yen over the past 4 years.