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This system includes individual strip conveyors from the batch-off machine, 90[degrees] turns, automatic strip detection, strip speed control, automatic threading, accurate and automatic stacking, automatic cut-off upon full skid and skid handling.
In fact, determining what people find credible is most directly relevant to helping authors devise ways to convince their audience whether or not what they are saying is accurate.
The first premise that the authors considered was that a statement containing a great deal of lack of conviction would not be accurate.
AEC/HydReclaim says auger feeders are most accurate for both slippery and sticky resins.
Since the approved HIV home test system has been independently tested, validated, and approved by the FDA for marketing, the consumer can feel confident that the approved HIV test system will provide the most accurate results available from an HIV-1 home test.
As with any computerized system, software must be adapted to your environment and rely upon accurate information, in both design and execution, to provide accurate results.
Finally, if the feedback gets tagged as accurate - no matter how distasteful - and the recipient accepts responsibility for it, self-concept undergoes alterations.
The agreement also sets the stage for the future development of applications and solutions that rely on accurate digital elevation models that can serve a multitude of business and consumer needs around the world.
Chairman & CEO of HDC, said, "I firmly believe that this new Prostate Cancer Biomarker Discovery provides a significant opportunity towards providing a more accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer and important new information for identifying new therapeutic targets in treating this potentially devastating type of cancer.
Today, Veros announced that VeroFORECAST has been enhanced to deliver accurate predictions of future value according to property type, single-family or condominium properties, at the CBSA, county and ZIP code levels.
For nanometer designs, accurate simulation and analysis requires more than traditional resistance and capacitance.
We have developed testing methodology for parasitic extraction tools to make sure we deliver accurate solutions to our customers.

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