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the man asks, pointing his finger at us accusingly.
Ambreen quipped back accusingly, "But you gave her our names after being caught, you traitor
It is your fault," he said accusingly to the South African athletics federation.
Once more, the Surah picks up the narrative style, portraying them as they argue with one another: "They will turn upon one another accusingly.
In this sense it's not too far from rolling ones own cigarettes, but the most attractive thing about the pipe for me lies in the fact that held in reverse, it can be used for patronizing wagging or aggressively, accusingly or dismissively pointing at someone during an argument; a strategy sure to frustrate, annoy, infuriate and generally throw your opponent off his or her train of thought and focus
One, for example, points accusingly at Kunstlerische Medizin, Patho-Ontologie (Cabinet patho-psychologique), 1995, a makeshift vitrine containing jars with faux-scientific labels.
More often than not, however, it was said scornfully and accusingly, with disdain and distaste, the inference being my allegiance to the United States of America is both blind and ignorant; that I simply don't know how terribly flawed America and everything American is.
My father ultimately trumped my mother when he pointed at her across the table and said, accusingly, "You had a painted house.
As a moral matter, we should never point our fingers accusingly at people whose lives are simply unimaginably different from our own.
Colonel) is waiting--David has noticed that the colonel turns his torso ever so slightly to continue looking him up and down so accusingly that he feels a weight on his back that makes it hard for him to climb the steps.
You know the old proverb about how when you point your finger accusingly at someone, you're really pointing three fingers back at yourself.
Friend and foe alike, look at you accusingly in the face and tell you how bitterly they are disappointed in you as an American.