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Italy squad - goalkeepers: Consigli, Perin, Sirigu; defenders: Abate, Acerb, Astori, Balzaretti, De Sciglio, Gastaldello, Ogbonna, Peluso; midfielders: Aquilani, De Rossi, Diamanti, Nocerino, Poli, Schelotto, Verratti; forwards: Destro, El Shaarawy, Fabbrini, Gabbiadini.
In his "Foreword from the Literary Side," Frederick Crews (one of the great acerb critics and satirists of the whole endeavor of literary criticism), while not so sweeping in his declaration of war as Wilson, does address the political side of the conflict.
Jonathan Swift, a rival in acerb satire, employed it in his epitaph, which pictures him happy at having finally escaped the saeva indignatio that so lacerated his heart during his life.