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Quite separate from his public statements, as a diplomat and British Governor-General for Southeast Asia, the personal impressions he recorded in his private journals were candid to the point of acerbity.
16) There is an ongoing debate of some parochial acerbity between the advocates for ground power and airpower, and navies are struggling to hold their own against land-focused demands for resources.
Sandra Bernhard brings her acerbity to Los Angeles's Orpheum Theatre for one night only.
But she worried about becoming too Nice, and that led to the birth of Perdita, who sees clearer and has fewer illusions than Agnes; her acerbity leavens Agnes's Niceness and creates a more complex whole.
Treating philosophical diagrams and corporate logos with equal acerbity, his high-key wall paintings have dosed these sober figures in such a way as to highlight their endless ambiguity and rootedness in cultural context.
Perceptive drama criticism and piquant general acerbity.
With humor and acerbity she takes Baraka to task for his "rabid" homophobia and sexism.
Qaradawi partook of the modern world but agitated against it," as Ajami notes with characteristic acerbity.
Instead, O'Sullivan experiments with short and long lines, vivid metaphors and plain speech, praise and acerbity.
He saw the two pictures together with somewhat the same primitive exaltation--two games he had played, differing in quality of acerbity.
Stanley Fish has written, with typical acerbity, of what he terms "boutique multiculturalism," which "will always stop short of approving other cultures at a point where some value at their center generates an act that offends against the canons of civilized decency as they have been either declared or assumed" by the central tenets of those engaged in deciding the practical meaning (and limits) of multiculturalism.
Their performances, manner and choice of material was easy to grasp, unlike Bert's acerbity, Ewan's bluff acceptably vulgar image, Alan's undeniable loud Yankee-ness.