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Like radar, Ace zeroes in on her, saying, "That's quite a wrap you're wearing.
Before Ace leaves the reception, the Consul says, "There's something I'd like to show you, something you might enjoy--as one animal lover to another.
ACE K-12 School Services customers use ADM2000 Student Information System software for attendance, scheduling, grading, academic history, transcripts, web-based parent and staff communication, graduation requirements and other options.
ACE K-12 School Services also offers schools a team of consultants -- ACE employees, most of whom are former school administrators -- to handle their student-information management and business functions.
While hiring Ace to find the missing dolphin, the team's owner keeps calling the dolphin a "fish," and Ace keeps correcting him that it's a mammal.
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has authorized ACE to recover stranded costs associated with divested generating assets and the termination of above market power contracts with third-party providers.
ACE's DWARF extensions for DSP-C were defined jointly by ACE and their customers to provide a standardized interface for DSP application debugging information.
Dennis has overseen the growth and development of ACE USA's insurance operations, which has included assisting with the integration of ACE USA (formerly Westchester Specialty Group) and the US property casualty business we acquired from CIGNA Corporation in 1999," said Mr.
All ACE products -- from write-up, workpapers, audit, time and billing and even electronic forms -- have been designed to talk to one another and share data.