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VR agencies can draw upon the collective talent of these organizations and the expertise of their individual members as they work to achieve high quality employment and full independence for persons with disabilities.
That risk should be balanced by an outstanding scientific and management plan designed to achieve the very high payoff goals of this solicitation.
The NIST microcalorimeter employed liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to achieve a temperature of 4 K.
With diligent dissection, the surgeon can generally achieve much more attic exposure than expected.
The methods of science are involved here in that pupils are to achieve measurable results from instruction.
APQC identified three core communication processes that help achieve alignment: planning, deployment and feedback.
It is essential when curing sponge rubber to achieve a good cellular construction over the whole cross section and also to produce a surface area which is as smooth as possible.
The combined effect of such features was to remove adverse focusing effects, and yet distribute useful reflected sound to the audience in order to achieve the necessary clarity.
409 wisely directs the Federal Reserve to place price stability above other economic goals because price stability is the most important contribution the Federal Reserve can make to achieve full employment and maximum sustainable growth.
To achieve a superior environmental performance toward long-term sustainability, and help the development industry to deliver green buildings for economic and environmental performance benefits, the green sustainable design provide innovative, practical and effective solutions that improve performance of the buildings, reduce life cycle operating cost and environmental impact of the construction development.
The program is centered around changing our business processes to achieve efficiencies, and in the process, eliminate redundant and non-compatible systems.