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Achieving a high level of sequence contiguity will be essential to achieve the full benefit from the use of sequencing for individualized medicine, e.
The NIST microcalorimeter employed liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to achieve a temperature of 4 K.
With diligent dissection, the surgeon can generally achieve much more attic exposure than expected.
The methods of science are involved here in that pupils are to achieve measurable results from instruction.
Naturally, we will pay less for energy if we use less; and if we can achieve a saving in energy then this is obviously very positive.
For the musicians, the depth and flexibility of the pit has been designed to achieve tolerable conditions.
Improving the Federal Reserve's credibility would strengthen the expectation that prices will be stable and would contribute to price and wage decisions that would make price stability easier to achieve and maintain.
To achieve high standards of excellence in Green building Design and Construction the NYC Local Law 86 of 2005 takes effect on January 1, 2007.
The program is centered around changing our business processes to achieve efficiencies, and in the process, eliminate redundant and non-compatible systems.
It is anticipated that emerging technologies are sufficiently advanced that, with additional investment, it may be possible to achieve proof of principle or even early stage commercialization for genome-scale sequencing within five years.
Company Name: Achieve Healthcare Information Systems