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The Special Achievement Award is being sponsored by the Metrocentre and Capital Shopping Centres, which are also sponsoring our Community Achievement category.
Similarly, the amount of time students spend on homework per week has been found to be an indicator of academic achievement among high school students (Cooper, 1989, 2001; Cooper, Lindsay, Nye, & Greathouse, 1998; Walker, Wilkins, Dallaire, Sandler, & Hoover-Dempsey, 2005; Xu, (2006).
We have always supported closing achievement gaps and enhancing student achievement and the environment for teaching and learning," says NEA President Reg Weaver.
It is important that we look at the achievement progress all groups of students are making,'' O'Connell said.
They might also indicate achievement with a grade equivalent.
Because the goal of the school's student improvement plan is academic success for all students and closing the achievement gap between minority and White students, the teachers had asked Juanita whether the degree to which students felt attached to the school could impact their learning and ultimately predict their growth in achievement scores.
He knows achievement is essential to functioning in today's society, and the book has an extensive chapter on the ramifications of failure in school achievement for life, health, and income.
Farmer brings together the most significant studies in not only the school library field but also in the arenas of learning, reading, testing, achievement, and more.
Although all schools are currently in compliance with the guideline, the district has not always followed it strictly, and some who see a link between busing and achievement would just as soon see it modified or discontinued.
More recently, Keith Lance and his colleagues' series of important studies have confirmed a positive relationship between library media programs and student achievement virtually across the United States: the two "Colorado" studies (Lance et al.
For example, the report describes the case of Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina, where fourth-grade students saw a 31% boost in math achievement after just one year of environment-based learning as measured by state achievement tests.
The other 25 percent of schools are majority low-income, and those schools overwhelmingly fail to educate children to high levels of achievement.