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Inspired by the prostitute of Fellini's ``Nights of Cabiria,'' the Americanized version written by Neil Simon is a smart-mouthed taxi dancer so aching for love that she practically has whiplash from a lifetime spent turning the other cheek.
Those Aching Feet: Your Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Foot Problems is a simple guide for lay people concerning how to prevent, identify, and take care of ailments ranging from ingrown nails to warts, callouses, bunions, flat feet, and even diabetes-related difficulties.
A NEW robotic massage machine that can sooth aching backs in just 12 minutes was unveiled yesterday.
NICK Faldo admitted he was aching all over but still hopes to spring a surprise at the Omega Hong Kong Open today.
Every bone and joint in his body was aching, his eyes were yellow, and he was dangerously ill.
One cannot describe the emotional depth, the aching poignancy that breathes life into McFadden's latest literary lifeline.