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Over the course of the week, being more careful with my posture starts coming more naturally and I'm slumping - and aching - considerably less.
It is an amazing amount to raise and worth the aching legs the next day.
E[acute accent]--Anyone who complains of aching feet and arch support problems, especially around the house on hard wood or tile floors.
When I lunch with friends our conversation turns toward aching feet and graying hair, what kind of hand lotion is best to use for cracked skin and whether our collective neuroses are having any effect on our children's self-esteem.
After 20 years in the work force, Suzanne O'Connor had come to expect arriving home in the evening with tired, dry eyes and an aching neck.
Often, people don't associate their aching backs and blurry vision with computer use at all.
Hot Spring(R) Spas also offers stress relief this tax season for the tension headaches and aching backs that go along with last minute filing.
After seven hours in line Tuesday night, she emerged from the palace cold and hungry, with aching feet.
And if she's got an aching back, she might appreciate a Back Master massage cushion by Homedics for $34.
It features flexible wire bristles with rubberized tips on one side for grooming and larger rubber nodes on the other to massage your pet's aching muscles.
It's that time of the year again when sniffles and aching bodies are about as common as the sight of Christmas trees.
If you're like the millions of other revelers who filled the wee hours consuming spirits with wee bubbles, you're likely spending this New Year's Day in search of the ultimate cure for your aching skull.