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To gauge whether or not the naked mole-rats were responding physiologically to the acidic environment, the scientists measured a protein called c-Fos, which can help determine if nerve cells are firing.
This was achieved through completion of a questionnaire in order to collect information about consumption and habits regarding acidic and non-acidic dietary items (foods and drinks) and a clinical dental examination for dental erosion.
Although acidic EO water is a strong acid, it is not corrosive to the skin, animal tissues, or mucous membranes.
8) A more recent study by Martinez Devesa et al showed a local shift in external ear canal pH from acidic to alkaline in patients with chronic otitis externa.
But oceans are beginning to move more to the acidic side.
The oceans are more acidic than they have ever been for at least 20 million years," according to the report by the European Science Foundation.
The automatic timer and illuminated alkaline and acidic water flow takes the guesswork out of hand washing.
If we take no action the oceans will be more acidic than at any time over the last 21 million years, the Copenhagen Climate Change conference was warned yesterday.
It is not about major changes - why not replace some acidic snacks with enamel-friendly foods such as cheese and nuts and drink water after consuming acidic foods.
The alkaline milk will cancel out the acidic chilli, whereas water is neutral.
Dar Blend crude is heavily discounted because of its highly acidic content, while US sanctions against the purchase of Sudanese goods also keeps many companies away.
A method most commonly used to cope with this formaldehyde problem is to react formaldehyde with urea initially at a much higher F/U ratio and strong acidic condition to form the backbone of the resin system; then, after attaining a desired degree of condensation, additional urea is added to adjust the F/U ratio to meet the desired low F/U ratio in final resin products.