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Ocean acidification is weakening coral structures in the Caribbean and in cold-water coral reefs found in the deep waters off Scotland and Norway.
Impact of ocean acidification on Mytilus was mostly tested on juvenile and adult stages (85% of published studies) on a wide range of physiological endpoints.
3]) in harvested crops will cause soil acidification (Bolan and Hedley 1991; de Klein et al.
The seawater acidification process now destroying the Chesapeake's inlets, bays, and Atlantic Ocean can be reversed by the development of a methodology that can deliver substantial quantities of low cost renewable hydrogen from de-acidification of seawater, brine or brackish water is expected and demanded.
To find and optimize the protection of coral reefs that have the greatest chance to survive climate change and acidification occurring this century.
Combined nationwide spending on acidification research for eight federal agencies, including grants to university scientists by the National Science Foundation, totals about $30 million a year -- less than the annual budget for the coastal Washington city of Hoquiam, population 10,000.
Most of my graduate work was on carbon studies, so it was an easy transition to the world of ocean acidification.
The rising atmospheric carbon dioxide abundance has worked to promote the acidification of seawater, the Japanese agency said, based on data it collected in the northwestern Pacific.
At the same time, WPS was also studying acidification of a river receiving a tailings pond effluent in northeastern New Brunswick.
That chemical change is called ocean acidification and the impacts on shellfish are only the beginning.
Porites grew 14 percent slower in 2005 than in 1990, a slowdown blamed on both warming waters and ocean acidification linked to rising carbon dioxide.