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2] (and greatly superior to water) for titrating acidity from the synthetic product (Table 2, sample L).
This acidity allows the stomach to act as a filter, effectively controlling which microbes can pass through the stomach to the gut.
Global Acidity Regulators Market by Application: - Processed foods - Beverages - Sauces and condiments - Bakery - Confectionery
The soil acidity model slots into GrassGro, the pasture growth and animal production module of a farm management program called GrazPlan (see diagram).
Although the influence of ripe titratable acidity on consumer acceptance has been previously documented (Crisosto and Crisosto 2001; Rossiter et al.
There's a plushness to the soft summer fruits which have structure and weight with crisp acidity and a raspberry note lingering on the finish.
It's well balanced with plenty of acidity, soft tannins and a long cherry finish.
Lots of citrus and melon with balanced acidity and a whisper of oak.
A tickle of acidity, together, with the fruit flavours leave a medium lingering finish.
The short-term spikes in the acidity of the estuary were driven by changes in temperature, water flow, biological activity and other natural factors, the researchers said.
Develop a novel sensor for the online measurement of corrosion effect as a direct indicator for the acidity of the engine oil which is a critical parameter in case of bio-fuel operated combustion engines;
There are several technical terms used in describing the acidity and sulfur fractions present in ASS and in various techniques used in laboratories.