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In a nutshell: Intelligent, often vibrant and acidly funny takes on David Mamet's early works.
Acidly, she marks the fact that her ex-lover Helen once thought her "brave" and "original," but now that Helen is married to Margaret's brother, she finds Selina only "cynical.
sidestepped Vietnam by flying for the National Guard, defending, as New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd acidly wrote, "Texas against Oklahoma.
King of the Philadelphia Inquirer, somewhat acidly likened the executives' session to a "love-in" and expressed misgivings about what the corporatization of newspapers portends for the future.
The feeling he is in closer touch than his critics surfaces sharply when he remarks acidly of the City types who dropped him so quickly back in '96: "They've got the wrong perspective about shopping there.
The group portrait of these people that Bevilacqua acidly sketches documents the foibles, transgressions, and occasional crimes of his fellow Parmigiani.
Switzerland may derive satisfaction from its own low level of domestic corruption, but, as TI's report acidly notes, it is the Swiss who organize $2,000-a-day courses on the legal niceties of Asian bribery.
A historian of those times described them acidly as "those who have turned the world upside down.
Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint has raised devastating questions about the Baron's own financial interests and acidly reminded us that the wealthy peer doesn't worry about paying his own bills.
Likewise, the cold-weather hand-sock we devised a jingle for in week three," I added, acidly.
The ruling power will have to look for partners," said Kommersant broadsheet on Monday, while Vedomosti business daily acidly called United Russia "the minority party.
As Judge Robert Smith acidly remarked in his lone dissent, "It is hard to imagine any court saying that a decision about whether an utterance is constitutionally protected speech, or whether a search was unreasonable, or whether a school district has been guilty of racial discrimination, is not primarily a judicial exercise.