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Briefly, the story concerns the acidulous Prior (Justin Kirk), who, while he withers away from the effects of the disease, is abandoned by his lover Louis (Ben Shenkman), who trysts with a closeted Mormon, Joe (Patrick Wilson), whose wife, Harper (Mary-Louise Parker), pops pills to ameliorate the unhappiness of their marriage.
Palmerston sometimes crossed the line into diplomatic bullying, but one could only wish that a dose of his acidulous realism had been injected into the attitudes of U.
Churchill's Chief of Staff, the acidulous Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, was not impressed by Alexander: he 'had no ideas of his own and always sought someone to lean on'.
The acidulous smell of solvent issued from the parts washer, mingling with citrus hand soap.
Hannah Mitchell, a gloriously acidulous caricature of Hyacinth Bucket, cannot really believe that her son and heir has married the daughter of Hannah's downtrodden cleaning lady.
Schuyler describes Owen as "a facile and acidulous writer, a man of ready wit and agile tongue endowed with the saving grace of cynicism.
Corresponding to Judge Posner's acidulous view of the judge as a kind of bureaucrat of modest abilities, hurrying to get through the day's work, is a view of the scholar as a prima donna motivated to astonish at whatever cost to common sense: the judge as tired old man and the scholar as enfant terrible.
And the Cruzan case exemplifies the way an attempt to constitutionalize an issue can divert a usefully direct conversation about an issue's basic social and moral dilemmas into inapt, tangential, acidulous, and fruitless disputation over rights.