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Sour waters or mineral acidulous waters can be found in abundance in the Canary Islands, due to the fact that the islands are entirely of volcanic origin.
Could Wassermann have avoided sounding more acidulous out of concern for his self-image?
On the other hand, Moses had long before Rochdale staked out his reputation as a leading critic of civil rights legislation, and as was typical with Moses, his criticism tended towards the acidulous.
The stainless Inox pumps have been tested and evaluated in extreme conditions, pumping both acidulous and alkali fluids.
The acidulous wisdom of Mark Twain speaks to us across the ages, and never more than this week during the great congressional mobilization to save America's ports from the dreaded hand of Dubai.
The most vehement such critic is Nietzsche, who sprays jumped-up democratic art, thought, and manners with his acidulous loathing every chance he gets.
He was perceived as being stiff, formal, acidulous, snobbish, unsympathetic, sour, cynical, and misanthropic, though no one ever turned down the sumptuous hospitality offered at the Villa Mauresque on that account.
Briefly, the story concerns the acidulous Prior (Justin Kirk), who, while he withers away from the effects of the disease, is abandoned by his lover Louis (Ben Shenkman), who trysts with a closeted Mormon, Joe (Patrick Wilson), whose wife, Harper (Mary-Louise Parker), pops pills to ameliorate the unhappiness of their marriage.
Thus, the Violon d'Ingres in Paris has "bass filet encrusted with almonds in an acidulous ravigote sauce with capers"; Michel Bras in Lagujole has his "lobe of duck liver roasted over the embers sprinkled with swollen bladder campion sprouts"; or Alain Chapel in Mionnay offers "dried apricots with a light chocolate mousse and mascarpone cream on roasted polenta.
Palmerston sometimes crossed the line into diplomatic bullying, but one could only wish that a dose of his acidulous realism had been injected into the attitudes of U.
Churchill's Chief of Staff, the acidulous Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, was not impressed by Alexander: he 'had no ideas of his own and always sought someone to lean on'.
The acidulous smell of solvent issued from the parts washer, mingling with citrus hand soap.