acknowledge openly

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We are still too afraid to acknowledge openly what everyone knows privately, that as with abuse, addiction is rife everywhere we look, in off-licences, casinos, pubs, down back alleys, supermarkets and online.
Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said: 'Unison, working with the other unions, has got the Government to acknowledge openly, for the first time, that there is a timetable to which they must work to end the occupation of Iraq.
He is even willing to acknowledge openly that there are parts of his own management style which have their origins in the teachings of the great man.
Moreover, in discussing how to stop the smuggling of Iraqi oil outside UN supervision and end Baghdad's imposition of illegal surcharges on controlled oil sales, the Security Council members are also being forced to acknowledge openly how lax enforcement of existing sanctions has been.
Despite reports from human rights organizations that some 20 leading dissidents have been detained and scores of others warned in what has become an annual police routine before every anniversary, few in the capital seemed willing to acknowledge openly the crackdown.
Gradually, though, community activists are beginning to recognize how important it is to acknowledge openly the grave impacts of AIDS.
Zi also sells text input software for cell phones, but it has refused to acknowledge openly that Tegic's patents are valid and cover fundamental aspects of this software.