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She has been denied access to any means of communication with acquaintances - who could have helped her - for past the six months.
The acquaintance called police and McShane was arrested on April 6.
The data were grouped according to the woman's reported relationship to their assailant as a current or former intimate partner, stranger, or acquaintance (Obstet Gynecol.
Brewer argues next that an adequate direct realist response to the arguments from hallucination and illusion requires modifying the acquaintance conception of experience.
had found a treasure, his acquaintance went to Fystykly along with five other people.
Like China Media Research, China Media Report Overseas is intended to bring the results of Chinese media/communication research to the attention of the world, as well as to facilitate, in reciprocal fashion, the acquaintance of scholars within China with media/communication research done outside of China.
Then I remembered when an acquaintance who happens to be involved in the medical field said to me once: if I ever had a homosexual patient, I'd stop treating them.
En ingles este termino tiene distintos usos, todos dificiles de traducir: a) describe a aquel la persona que conoces, pero con quien no mantienes una rel acion estrecha--una <<conocencia>>, como diriamos por aca--; tambien se puede usar en plural: <<she has many acquaintances>>; b) por otro lado, tambien describe a quien es reconocido en algo: <<a good acquaintance of french wines>> y, utilizado como adjetivo, se refiere al hecho de tener conocimiento con respecto a alguien o algo; por ejemplo, <<to be acquainted with law>>--saber acerca de leyes--; c) por ultimo, una acquaintace es tambien una breve rel acion con alguien, que no paso a mayores.
In Western cultures, acquaintance always implies a degree of positive relationship and stranger implies a degree of neutral relationship.
SPRINGFIELD - Springfield resident Gary Allan Tiffee, 49, pleaded not guilty Friday after noon to charges that he attempted to hire someone to kill an acquaintance.
Nargis went on to say that what began as a mere acquaintance with Shahid has blossomed into friendship, but they aren't exactly joined at the hip.
New York, Mar 24 ( ANI ): Social networking giant Facebook has introduced a new tool to help users decide who their real friends are, and who is just an acquaintance.