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The story's unnamed protagonist and narrator starts out as a self-described "thirteen-year-old boy" who is emotionally receptive to exploring close relationships, even at the expense of acquaintanceships.
It must be admitted that she does not, for the most part, correspond with the major poets of her day, but sometimes she tells of interesting acquaintanceships.
The aim of the reunion is to enable retired employees to renew old acquaintanceships and also to keep abreast of new developments in policing.
The material must have been difficult to organize because of the varied nature of these interests and acquaintanceships.
While this might seem like choosing quantity over quality, these networks aren't superficial, and even loose acquaintanceships can be beneficial.
Interaction and exchanging experience and viewpoints will help in promoting acquaintanceships between security agents on the one hand and the journalists and writers on the other hand.
The making of acquaintanceships among controllers aids this development.
Peter Sotheran, chairman of the Sir William Turner's Almshouses and the Sir William Turner Foundation, said the celebrations will be "a wonderful opportunity to renew old acquaintanceships.