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Ted Koch plays Happy, who acquiesces to his brother Biff.
2(4) of the ITA"[e]very person who makes, or participates in, assents to or acquiesces in the making of, a statement to, or by or on behalf of, another per son .
Keen Gallagher brother fans will of course know that Acquiesce is the name of an Oasis track, but the band insist that's not why they chose it.
Schumer also asks the IRS to reconsider and acquiesce rather than challenging Thwaites.
I also agree that Gordon Brown should let his Christian credentials inform his leadership style, rather than acquiesce to every whim and fad that has infiltrated our communities under the Trojan horse of political correctness.
The public's refusal to acquiesce in attempts to dilute the Freedom of Information Act ought to send a clear message to the Government.
I always said, if I can be convinced this was the right project, I would acquiesce.
North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds said: "They [the Government] will find short shrift from us if they think they can act in this way and then just expect us to meekly acquiesce in their plans to get Sinn Fein into Government.
Vital Statistics Agency, appears to be part of a pattern in our province to acquiesce readily to the gay lobbyists' agenda.
The Bush administration, according to Washington sources, is likely to acquiesce to the WTO's demands.
Note: The IRS says it does not intend to acquiesce on this issue.
If they can sit down and prove they need a high school and they could fill that high school up, we'd acquiesce and say all right.