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These are deals where people are being hauled in, and essentially they're acquiescing.
That's because Bush is in effect acquiescing as North Korea builds up its nuclear arsenal.
Meanwhile, many of the same legislators acquiescing to these new restrictions on American citizens also are supporting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and failing to enforce our borders.
Might I suggest that instead of acquiescing to this lunatic's every wish (the siege has cost pounds 500,000 so far) and inconveniencing every resident in Hackney - some of whom haven't been able to get into their homes since Boxing Day - that police either inject Hall's regular deliveries of Kentucky Fried Chicken with a knock-out drug or throw a stun grenade into the flat to render him unconscious.
When Sims lifted Sayyed-Gaines, she seemed to waver between acquiescing and continuing onward.
Supporters in the Senate of such schemes, before acquiescing, pushed alternate bills and amendments to the moratorium that would have instructed states to start simplifying their tax structures and would have pre-approved, or even required, future interstate sales tax compacts.
This image supports the idea that Native Americans fought "passionately," resisting incorporation by whites at any cost, while blacks "eagerly have embraced assimilation, acquiescing before white power for personal gain," the professors write.
As with cigarette smokers, the government secretly approves of what these people are doing, and is silently, knowingly, acquiescing in a culling of the extremely stupid.
Consequently, employees involved in the tax planning for, or the mere reporting of, transactions on company tax returns would be exposed to an enormous penalty of 50 percent of the tax reduction if they are found to have been "indifferent" in participating or acquiescing in the making of the slightest "false statement" that contributes to a tax reduction that is subsequently re-assessed by CCRA.
In light of Kohler, the Court of Federal Claims issued a second opinion acquiescing to the IRS's argument that the inventory purchased at a bargain should be treated as a separate item.
the company that produced waste, has agreed to take back the waste, acquiescing to demands from the Cambodian government.