acquire information

See: ascertain
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Today's children are facing not only a world that requires an in-depth understanding of technology but also the ability to rapidly acquire information," said Andrew Feldman, Riverstone's vice president of corporate marketing and development.
Insurers maximize existing Web sites and systems by providing agents and brokers an efficient means to acquire information, without requiring duplicate entry and login processes.
Through this RFI, the City would like to acquire information from prospective vendors regarding available solutions for in-car video cameras and their data storage and management systems available to the market that will meet our requirements.
In addition to the various books on display, the fair is also an opportunity to offer a chance to visitors to acquire information about the Government departments and the National Assembly (Parliament).
The new looks, the soon-to-come Mac OS version, the BlackBerry 10 support and the ability to acquire information from Windows Live cloud greatly extend what our customers can do with this tool.
New Delhi: India said on Sunday that it was holding talks with Switzerland to acquire information on specific accounts related to black money stashed by its citizens in banks in the landlocked European nation.
Medvene is currently working to promote the use of new technology among senior citizens as social media, the computer and the Internet allow people to interact more and acquire information that they need, which they might not have access to.
He sought more time from the court to acquire information from the Defence Ministry regarding trials of missing persons.
The conference in which a number of parliamentarians, officials and experts from different Arab countries, will focus on "Mechanisms of Enhancing Community Participation in Combating Corruption and Horizons of its Development in Arab Countries," in addition to touching on various issues related to the status of integrity and corruption in the Arab countries, such as the right to acquire information, mechanisms of notification and grievance, as well as the role of community in developing policies and strategies to combat corruption.
Additionally, the Dose Reduction Feature does not diminsh clarity of image, and in fact, enhances the display of soft tissue, The Dose Reduction Feature is rooted in how the machines acquire information.
The three-day meeting aims at promoting the participants' abilities to acquire information as well as setting up national teams to raise awareness on the importance of this basic right.
They explain the organizational context of "Making Schools Smarter," a monitoring tool designed to help schools acquire information needed to realize their improvement and accountability goals, that entails: inputs; district and school characteristics, conditions, and processes; and immediate- and long-term outcomes.