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This experiment shows that exposing an organism to an unusual environmental factor can reveal the cryptic genetic variation of a trait on which selection can act to produce recombinants that develop an acquired trait even without the environmental stimulus that was initially required for its production.
Genetic and other pharmacological manipulations are often rationalized as attempts to bring all athletes to the same base level of capability, evening out all innate gene-based traits and ignoring that glaring fact that we do not understand the multiple genetic, environmental, and acquired traits that shape athletic "talent"--ambition, educational and economic opportunities, and the "fire in the belly" component, for instance--well enough to even begin to "level" them.
Aa Paul Kammerer, a leading proponent of the Lamarckian theory of evolution, achieved global prominence in the 1920AAEs by arguing that acquired traits could be passed down through generations.
In postmortem studies, researchers found that a small minority of implanted cells in three patients had acquired traits associated with the disease.
Luckless biologist Jean Baptist Lamarck not only goofed when he proposed a theory of acquired traits but managed to churn out a 1794 chemistry text that was seriously outmoded, even by 1794 standards.