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Hoarding, as disordered acquisitiveness, as equivalent to the capital sin of avarice, ruptures and deadens our relationship with God.
Poverty: The church in the spirit of Innocent III meant a church of wealth, pomp and circumstance, acquisitiveness and financial scandal.
After successive instalments annually of this epic operatic vision we reached its denouement last Tuesday with 'Gotterdammerung', possibly the most flawed of the four episodes in terms of structure and adherence to Wagner's own aims, but certainly a satisfying conclusion to all the cycle's farrago of family-relationships, acquisitiveness, deception, and far-reaching vacillation between god-like decree and human frailty.
Firstborn's girlfriend is quite sniffy about such acquisitiveness.
The study concludes that "female directors appear less interested in empire building than their male counterparts; their presence on the corporate board is negatively associated with their firms' acquisitiveness.
They do no more than exhibit - on a vastly larger scale - exactly the same kind of rampant acquisitiveness that drove the looters to pillage sports-shops.
As such, it bespeaks the attitudes and acquisitiveness of the citizens whom it serves.
Cornish's inextinguishable acquisitiveness, his disparate and apparently anarchic enthusiasms, are reflected in every art collector I know--including, on a very small scale, myself.
Capitalism's defenders sometimes argue that the spirit of acquisitiveness is so deeply ingrained in human nature that nothing can dislodge it.
Those questions have most often been asked of New England in the long shadow of Perry Miller's declension narrative, whereby the faith of the early Puritans gradually eroded before the onslaught of material acquisitiveness.
Wheat farming gradually produced a stable society in which rising material prosperity created a rural middle class (and a social elite as well) that demonstrated increasing financial wherewithal through higher levels of material acquisitiveness.
Sombart, unlike Weber and Simmel was the sort of anti-Semite who attributed the acquisitiveness endemic in Uirn-of-the-century capitalist society to the personal characteristics of Jews.