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Smoke bombs go off, orange and acrid green clouds waft toward the camera, and the sound track begins to fade.
The pilot was forced into emergency action as an acrid stench of burning filled the aircraft.
Patten, who had a strained relationship with Chinese communist leaders for much of his term as the last governor of this former British colony, wielded an acrid pen in writing his memoir of his five years here.
Kent tells it all with a wry concision ("To unfaithfullness, Bert was now adding drug addiction") that is refreshingly free of that acrid aftertaste left by Gelsey Kirkland's gamy memoirs.
Beneath Venus' dense, acrid clouds, which perpetually shield its surface from the eyes of Earth-bound observers, lie tens of thousands of low, dome-shaped features.
Environmental hazards include fire, water, smoke, heat, humidity, acrid gasses, magnetic influences (EMI/EMP), radiation, dust, explosions, and radio frequency (RF); human threats include vandalism, theft/burglary and unauthorized access.
30pm yesterday after acrid smoke billowed from an underground installation.
Homes had to be evacuated as acrid smoke billowed around the town centre.
Meanwhile, in Willenhall a woman was led to safety by firefighters when a pan left on the cooker caused her home to fill with acrid smoke.
DARK DAYS Thick acrid smoke blocks out the sun's rays; HARD WORK Plane tackles blaze; DANGER Flames burn out of control; DESPERATE Helicopter fights fire
But the pair were stopped in their tracks from putting it out because of choking acrid smoke.
The smoke the fire was giving off was acrid and if the fire had carried on and taken hold it could have been far worse.