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We have wasted lot of time in the past in acrimonious debates; the time has come to write a new chapter in the history of our relationship.
MOGADISHU: An acrimonious power struggle among Somalia's leaders is opening the way for Islamist militants to step up their insurgency against the government, the African Union peacekeeping force said Thursday.
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana - acrimonious family saga
Given the context of what led to this acrimonious split, Mr Jones has also made some very generous concessions in his witness impact statement about her skills as a mother and his concerns about their children.
Summary: Spandau Ballet are the latest band to announce a comeback, two decades after an acrimonious split.
The Tigers boss has spent much of the past four days in the spotlight after his team's acrimonious FA Cup quarter-final defeat at Arsenal on Tuesday.
A secret deal was finally signed off after weeks of acrimonious behind-the scenes legal wrangling between Mr Ghaffur and representatives of Britain's largest force.
JAMES Barry's acrimonious letter only confirms what I wrote earlier.
The partnership offer could draw some of the sting from acrimonious iron ore contract talks pitting Rio and BHP against Chinese steel mills led by Baosteel.
Exhaustion and person upheaval almost ended the success story, followed by an acrimonious record company row.
They spent six days in court last month in an acrimonious battle to decide the slice Miss Mills, pictured, should have of the former Beatle's fortune after four years of marriage.
Dysfunctional labor markets, which uproot populations and dump them in alien lands and cultures, have been a boon for politicians on all sides during their acrimonious electoral debates.