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Peter Wishlade, defending, said the couple had split acrimoniously and he was angry when she became pregnant with a younger man.
Getting over a failed marriage is never easy, especially if it ended so acrimoniously that you felt the only way out of it was to bury your estranged spouse alive.
There is so much success in revival that some bands in decline must surely be considering splitting up acrimoniously so that they can kiss and make-up, re-form and do a reunion gig in the hope of finding a second wave of popularity.
After singer Sting, guitarist Andy Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland quit recording acrimoniously in the summer of 1986, most fans thought they would never perform again.
In 200; he stood down acrimoniously from the Council claiming disillusionment with decisions taken.
The band split acrimoniously in 2001 after five Number One singles, finally falling out for good - or so legend has it - over who wore a particular jacket.
The court heard the Hedleys had divorced acrimoniously in August 2005.
A married couple have been acrimoniously separated for 18 years, during which three children - an elder daughter and a boy and girl who are twins - have grown up in exile in Madeira with no real memory of their father.
Littmoden is caught in the middle of the row between Sunny Glenn's Isle of Man-based breeder, Helen Faith Mahr, and Jay Taylor, whose 50 per cent partnership was acrimoniously terminated last August.
THE SUNSHINE BOYS is a tale of two comic actors Willie Clark and Al Lewis who after 43 years as a double act split acrimoniously when Lewis retires unexpectedly.
The Scot left Carrow Road acrimoniously in 2012 to take over at Villa Park and has repeatedly insisted he wants to put that period firmly in the past.
Nearly 200 countries are meeting in Cancun as they try to unblock UN climate talks after last year's much hyped Copenhagen summit ended acrimoniously.