act effectively

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Qatar has called on the Human Rights Council to act effectively and swiftly against the grave violations caused by the siege against it and the report of the technical mission of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
The Rohingya have paid a heavy price for the lack of consensus among the international community on how and when to decide to act effectively.
Directors stressed the importance of adequate legal protection, clear institutional mandates and accountability to ensure sufficient independence and resources for oversight agencies to act effectively and foster interagency cooperation.
Zarate added that this suspicious ERC act effectively denied the consumers the benefit of competition and subjecting them once again to the presumably overpriced negotiated prices between Meralco and its affiliated generation companies;
Fadali stressed the need to work together to reveal Qatar's terrorism to the whole world and to act effectively to stop its schemes in a number of countries.
Riyadh Summit will be an opportunity for President Trump to adopt new positions towards GCC and Arab issues, especially since the international and regional situation has changed significantly, and the GCC countries, and main regional and international player that cannot be ignored, will act effectively against the changes that are affecting them directly.
The board urged the government and all responsible state bodies to act effectively towards identifying, arresting and bringing to justice those guilty.
The new regulation will also ensure a robust data protection regime for Europol, in particular to guarantee that the data protection supervisor of Europol has full independence, can act effectively and has sufficient powers of intervention.
The UO needs someone with the authority to act, and the vision to act effectively.
And frankly, we've seen the Turks already act effectively to shut down large portions of their border.
The Council's inability to act effectively and decisively or even pronounce itself clearly on the situation in Palestine is inexplicable and frankly inexcusable, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi, the permanent representative of Pakistan to the UN, told the General Assembly.
It is to be recalled that a meeting of the permanent committee of the Council of African Political Parties will be held on the sidelines of the Foundation Conference of Women Wing to review a number of issues, including the amendments in the basic statute, adding new members and introducing new reform to enable the council to act effectively concerning the African issues.