act of hostility

See: assault
References in classic literature ?
And, what is more, gloried in doing it--not, observe, as an act of hostility to my relatives, but simply as a duty that lay on her conscience.
He will say, in that case, to the king that I am determined on war, and that this measure is my first act of hostility against France.
In a sense, of course, that is equivalent to an act of hostility from all these countries towards England.
Without one overt act of hostility, one upbraiding word, he contrived to impress me momently with the conviction that I was put beyond the pale of his favour.
He construed the latter into an act of hostility, and, placing his hands in the pockets again, he walked up to Mr.
Targeting innocent people in the holy month of Ramadan is a clear act of hostility against the religion of Islam," his office said in a statement, adding that the perpetrators "are criminals who are bound by no creed or religion".
Asiri pointed out that work is continuing on the border to prevent these elements from carrying out any act of hostility there.
It would also threaten regional peace and security, and it requires that International community condemn in the strongest term such act of hostility.
To abridge our commitment to the State of Israel would be an act of hostility not just to the Jewish state but would do damage to our own vital interests.
Syria has said no act of hostility was intended, pointing out that as soon the military discovered it was a Turkish aircraft, they joined the rescue operation.
spay drone into its airspace "an act of hostility and encroachment," said the report.
the United States Government is tantamount to an act of hostility against the