act of mercy

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The judge added: "It seems to me purely and simply as an act of mercy that I can suspend the sentence.
That act of mercy brings salvation to the tax collector's family.
A judge told Claire Darbyshire, 36, he accepted she believed suffocating multiple sclerosis sufferer Brian, 67, was an act of mercy.
An official of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has called on the faithful to make an act of mercy by kneeling down before the poor people.
After all these years, the United States seems farther than ever from a rejection of the idea that launching the atomic warfare on Japanese civilian populations was "an act of mercy.
The MP noted that the government should show humanism, an act of mercy.
As an act of mercy Jupiter strangles his old master before he takes off in search of his wife; but when the Colonel's son arrives home to find his father murdered, he vows revenge.
He said: "We are persuaded by the clear facts that, as an act of mercy in the very unusual circumstances of this case, the sentence of 18 months can properly be suspended.
Instead it was deeply heartening to be able to discern that so many people had seen through the attempts to shock readers and that this was nothing more than a cheap effort to portray an act of mercy as an act of barbarity.
He urged, as an act of mercy, the sentence be suspended.
It was kind of an act of mercy that police in Lawton, Okla.
Sentencing Norman Mrs Justice Thirlwall told him: "I accept that you genuinely believed that to kill a friend was an act of mercy, and I accept that he had asked you on a previous occasion to do so.