act the part of

References in classic literature ?
Let others act the part of a jealous husband, not I.
He who can peruse it without a tearful eye, a heaving breast, an afflicted spirit,-- without being filled with an unutterable abhorrence of slavery and all its abettors, and animated with a determination to seek the immediate overthrow of that execrable system,--without trembling for the fate of this country in the hands of a righteous God, who is ever on the side of the oppressed, and whose arm is not shortened that it cannot save,--must have a flinty heart, and be qualified to act the part of a trafficker "in slaves and the souls of men.
So-and-So is positively to act the part of Falkland, we positively mean it.
They could act the part of witness, suspect or victim to help police develop interviewing skills and statement taking.
With the ship of state seemingly sinking, Californians turned to Arnold Schwarzenegger to act the part of savior.
This book labels Perkins "a victim of the notorious Hollywood closet, forced to act the part of a ladies' man while privately struggling with his own homosexuality.
Positive: Murray didn't act the part of the downtrodden coach Wednesday, even as his active roster continued to shrink.