act upon

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New Delhi, February 25 (ANI): India's Home minister said on Wednesday that though attempts of infiltration by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI cannot be ruled out,the country's security mechanism is prepared to act upon any smallest intelligence in this regard.
Having got the specific intelligence and made the decision, there was no choice but to act upon it.
This compact paperback guide -- published by CCH, a provider of securities and business law information and software -- discusses federal securities laws and regulations, court decisions, self-regulatory organization rules and National Investor Relations Institute guidelines that companies need to access, understand and act upon to minimize the risks of noncompliance.
In the double-support phase, you will be able to actively act upon the implement.
Act upon the plan that will accomplish the desired major goal and, at the same time, result in minimal stress or further conflict in the relationship.
Addressed to all church leaders, it called on them to accept and act upon church teaching regarding the equality of women and men, to appreciate and incorporate the gifts of women in the church, to appoint women to church leadership positions, and to promote collaboration between women and men.
I act upon and against; indeed, as a humanist, I am often seen to "go against," which is why Prometheus is a humanist ideal.
Why did Weinberger not act upon this knowledge, given his adamant opposition to sending arms to Iran?
He said that there is different views and sects in all religions of the world but they respect the opinion of each other and act upon the policy of live and let live whereas there is extremism and intolerance in our society.
He said that Nations always act upon and follow the constitution and none of the state can ask another state not to act upon its constitution and PML-N would not give up from its stance, he added.