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Like the buck I shot in 1998, he was very visible and totally acting the fool but I missed my opportunity.
Speaking yesterday, as she chatted to passengers using the Metro at the Gateshead Interchange and the Monument, she said: "I found on some days that, although no one was threatening, there were a group of young folk who were having a drink and a good time and acting the fool and it's understandable how somebody would feel vulnerable.
A SPIT AND SAWDUST PUB Jukebox on in the corner a group of lads playing pool arrows being thrown at a dartboard a couple of drunks acting the fool.
Yesterday Mallett, 53, said he would not stop acting the fool, despite riling the camp with his antics.
So there is no Sean Thornton acting the fool, so there is no self-congratulation from aboard a bus, so there were no celebrations soaked in Champagne.
Never before or since have I seen such a presentation ceremony, and to their credit all the band representatives called to the stage to collect trophies, played their part, acting the fool with the extremely talented artist.
I think it is the duty of elected MPs responsibly and seriously to discharge their duties to constituents and to refrain from acting the fool on their behalf.
Keith Chegwin was told to stop acting the fool and take his routine seriously, skating to the Jackson Five's I'll Be There, shoehorned into a pink satin sequined shirt.
But now the secret is out: they had no trouble acting the fool like five-year-olds because they were stoned off their heads.