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The gonadotropins FSH and LH bind to specific G-protein-coupled receptor sites to stimulate adenylate cyclase and the accumulation of cAMP, which activates enzymes involved in steroidogenesis (Hsueh et al.
Finally, it must be recognized that competition for wealth, power, and prestige in a society activates the destructive potential and encourages direct and indirect expressions of aggression.
Moreover, the stimulated immune cell produces another protein that activates quiescent T cells.
LSO now owns a number of patents and patent applications formerly licensed from LSLLC covering LEDs and the use of LEDs to activate a photo-sensitive compound therapeutically, as well as other uses and aspects of its products, such as manufacturing methods.
The demonstration of a functional PPAR in human breast cancer cell lines that can bind specifically to a PPRE indicates that peroxisome proliferators may transcriptionally activate peroxisome proliferator-regulated genes in human breast epithelial cells (53).
The researchers further discovered that the viral protein activates immune cells by binding to cell surface proteins called integrins, which then trigger a signaling cascade within the cell.
NASDAQ:TTIL), a leading supplier of Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) for telecom service providers, today announced that it was awarded a contract for its Netrac Activate application by a leading Australian communications services provider.
This finding indicates that methylation activates some imprinted genes but keeps a lid on others, Li explains.

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